1st April 2020

We’re going to talk about storytelling and how companies should be utilizing storytelling in their video content. A lot of times when it comes to video, I see companies struggling with the basic task of telling their own brand story. So, how should companies think about storytelling in the context of building brand?

The companies that are doing it right, are the ones that are actually connecting on an emotional level with their audience. It’s really about making people care, and making the emotional connection in your videos.

When companies think about telling their brand story, they often start with their CEO or owners of the business. This is a mistake. Brands should start with a focus on their customer and the voices in their audience. Focus on the customer, their experience, hopes dreams and beliefs. A good example of this is Apples, Apple Watch commercial. It showcases the customer experience with the brand and product. This is a video of how apples product impacted someone’s life.

The Apple Watch product itself is not even featured prominently in the video. The video is not focused on the product. Its focused on the audience. And when you’re talking to an audience about the audience themselves, that’s really what drives this emotional connection. And Apple nailed it on the head on the storytelling component of this video example.


Even in the age of social media, every social media platform has some storytelling component. Whether it’s Facebook stories, Instagram Stories, Snapchat stories etc. Stories, are the way we communicate and one of the reasons that we connect with stories so well. Stories actually help us process information that we wouldn’t otherwise understand.


What would you say is the biggest difference between marketing and storytelling. The biggest difference is that, with marketing, you’re essentially trying to sell something. There is a huge difference between marketing and sales, and I’m not saying that they’re both the same but there’s a huge difference there. More importantly, the difference between marketing and storytelling is that, when marketing you’re trying to sell. In storytelling, you’re trying to connect on an emotional level with your customer.

Another great example of this is Charity Water. Which is an amazing organization the works to bring clean water to third world countries. But one of the things that they struggled with, was they had literally millions of communities that literally have no water. When you tell people statistics, or when you just throw out numbers, most people can’t comprehend or understand what that means. So what did they do? They went out into these communities and listened to all these individual stories from the actual folks whose lives are impacted by the lack of water. These were incredible, incredible stories, that reached across the screen and touched you in your soul.

That’s essentially the biggest difference between marketing and storytelling. It’s that emotional connection, that your videos need to have. You could say all of these wonderful things about your business, but until a customer can internalize them through your storytelling. You won’t see measurable, return on investment (ROI) from your video efforts.

Make your customers care! Use storytelling to make customer care about your products, services and your brand. Then sitback and watch how this one little change in how you approach your video content can exponential impact your sales or business outcomes.

So there you have it, let me know in the comments below just how effective these ideas are to your business.
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