Well crafted product videos can be incredibly effective marketing tools that add value to your customers online shopping experience. Increasing sales conversions across multiple platforms. While providing you with eye catching videos that are perfect assets for social media posts and ads.

We help brands sell more products online with conversion focused e-commerce product videos that sell. Put more simply: we make YOUR products look amazing. Our team works with brands and retailers from all over the world to create beautiful, effective eCommerce product videos that get customers buying.

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With a full suite of e-commerce product video production, and SEO services, we partner with you to deliver tangible business objectives for your online sales. Our team has extensive experience crafting beautiful portraits of products, features, and benefits, infused with lifestyle content to really tell the story of your brand.

According to Shopify, consumers are 64-85% more likely to buy a product that has video.

Retain audiences with compelling content that keeps customer on your website longer. We film, edit and produce, everything from beautiful 360 fashion product videos to sports gear.


If you are looking for a product video production company, for Amazon product videos, you are in the right place. We create product videos for online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. Helping our clients stand out with great product videography and photography.



In this era of waning brand loyalty, cosmetics and beauty companies are betting on one thing to be their secret weapon to securing diehard fans through video. Why? Video lets you in the minds and hearts of a brand like no other medium and helps you both educate and connect to your audience in a multidimensional, visceral way. At SA Studios NYC, we create some of the most captivating cosmetics and beauty brand videos, for ecommerce and amazon stores.



Our Amazon product photography service can help you meet all your Amazon A+ Content needs. Amazon A+ Content, is Amazon’s way of letting you enhance your product descriptions and page details with high definition videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more. These details allow you to showcase your brand and better convey the value of your products to help customers make informed buying decisions.

We understand the specifics of selling on each online platform and the need for customers to fully understand your product in detail. Product photography for amazon listings and most e-commerce platforms require two main types of images: White background photos and lifestyle images. Learn more about our amazon product photography service here.

Once we receive your product, we’ll go to work filming the main product video and creating all the appropriate photography assets you will need to successfully list your products on Amazon or any of the online retail platforms. Giving you crisp, clear, white background product photography, and beautiful lifestyle images that make your product stand out.



The goal is to create e-commerce videos, that evoke an emotional connection with your product and compels customers to take action. Rooted in eCommerce-focused thinking, we can help new brands grow online by combining fresh creative, with premium ecommerce video product services.

We’ll work with you to integrate your product videos into your website and e-commerce store platforms. Giving your marketing and sales teams, engaging brand pieces that help you sell more products and give your customers an immersive and engaging online experience.


Our pre-production process begins with gaining a complete understanding of your brand voice and business objectives. As research and discovery are completed, our team of videographers and e-commerce experts develop the foundational strategy to create a well crafted product video, that’s ready to convert.


Once we have the road map developed, it’s time to put it all together on camera. This is where our in-house team of videographers do what they do best. This part in the process tends to be unique with each project and client—This is also the time when our stylists and set designers come onboared to help create stunning visuals of your product display.


While pre-production and production are critical to the success of your photo or video project, it’s our editing team that truly make the magic happen. During this stage we ensure that your product video looks exactly as you envisioned and meets your business objectives.


Your dedicated project manager will provide you with a link to download your video and ensure you have a good direction for how your photos can make the most impact.


We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.