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GREAT PROJECTS START WITH GREAT CREWS – Whether you need to hire a freelance videographer for the hour, day or a week, we’re your partner for any project. Our video crews bring more than talent and the latest gear to a shoot. They bring their stellar reputations and high standards to every video project.

Our NYC videographers are seasoned professionals who work with a full complement of production gear, ready to take your project to the next-level. Filming with 4K state-of-the-art camera equipment, lighting, and audio gear, we make sure your project has the highest possible production value and communicates your brand message.

Our video crews have backgrounds in feature film, broadcast television, documentary films, commercial advertising, music videos, action sports, live events, and corporate videos.

You will have a video crew you can trust, and one that’s committed to see your project succeed. SA Studios NYC’s camera crews can handle productions, ranging from single-camera interviews to epic multi-camera shoots with a small army of production personnel in multiple locations around the world.

Whether you need a freelance videographer or a full team that’s ready to hit the ground running. We’re your creative partner committed to ensuring your vision is executed flawlessly.

Simply fill in the form here to hire a videographer and we’ll have one of our talented videographers at your location, ready to execute your vision. Whether it’s just an interview or a full blown event. We can have the right creative talent at the right time, ready to go.


Our NYC videographers bring more than talent and the latest gear to a shoot. They bring their stellar reputations and high standards to every video project. When you hire our video crews, you have a partner you can always count on. The next time you need a freelance videographer in New York City, reach out to our video production team.

Since 2009, we’ve worked with some of the most exciting and innovative organizations on the face of the earth like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and NASA. And along the way we’ve also helped a bunch of start-ups become big names in their own right… like Box and Mint. We’ve created work that’s made a difference, and helped organizations grow and succeed.


  • We are adept at blending into the background at your event
  • We’ve learned to arrive early so we’re set up and are ready to go
  • We are ready with the correct lighting gear to light your scene
  • Sound recording is an essential part of every conference and we’re used to working with AV teams to take a feed from their sound desk. Additionally, our team is always ready to provide our own sound equipment including radio mics if necessary.
  • We offer a fast turnaround editing service with review and approval tools for you to send us feedback efficiently.
  • We can also incorporate your slides from powerpoint decks to give context to the speaker’s presentation.

Enjoy competitive pricing for conference video production, with large-scale multi-camera shoots, to one-person crews, available at your disposal. SA Studios NYC offers unbeatable value with fast efficient service.


With nearly a decade of experience of telling engaging stories through the power of video and photography in New York City. We bring the best post-production, workflow, tools, and processes to deliver a fully-integrated production experience that elevates your content and increases conversions.

Our creative post-production teams can transform your footage into a cohesive story that moves audiences. The right story has the ability to transcend time and place. It can connect us to something bigger. It can bring us together. It can create memories that will last a lifetime.


We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.