First, we made content. Now, we make shows. As traditional, television-style video shifts to social, and audiences are more open than ever to embracing the episodic format, we’re working with brands to deliver long-form narrative storytelling that drives results.


Engage your viewers for longer. With long-form video content, you can explore topics, share your knowledge and establish your leadership without worrying about time constraints. With a full-service, in-house production team, we deliver lightning-quick, high-quality content. Our team is complete with designers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers who are always looking for new ways to tell your brand’s story.

What’s long form video Content?

These productions run longer than two minutes and make the ideal platform for in-depth, informative and entertaining videos. Here’s a chance to tell your company’s origin story, inspire prospects with recent successes or invite viewers to see how you work your magic. Longer formats build credibility with tentative purchasers by detailing your expertise, market innovation and service guarantees. Or if your market will benefit from general education, use these videos to de-bunk myths and introduce a better way to solve problems. You can even demonstrate knowledge and leadership with a mini-documentary about an issue central to your market.

Why long form video?

This format gives you the time to engage people at a deeper level, converting more new customers and turning current ones into raving fans. Instructional pieces reduce churn, while testimonials and success stories keep consumers involved in your online community. Product introduction videos improve launch successes and event retrospectives keep people excited to come back next year. With a well-crafted story structure and snappy pace, these videos will capture viewer attention all the way through. And our creative direction will help you make the best design choices. We pair you with our vetted team of expert freelance copywriters, creative producers and editors to put your plans into action.




We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.