If you are looking to take your marketing efforts to new heights? SA Studios NYC, specializes in aerial photography and videography using drones. From real estate videos to commercials, movies and short films…we film it all.

When you’re looking for a drone pilot and videographer, you need someone who understands smooth footage, cinematography and advanced piloting skills to achieve the fluid motion you need.

Whatever the nature of your business, aerial photography and videography can capture breathtaking photography or produce smooth video footage that you will love.

Whether you want to showcase a car dealership, a real estate property or action sports, we can do it all. Our aerial photographers and videographers can film any subject with unprecedented precision and resolution.


SA Studios NYC, drone video services and photography, aren’t just about straight flying and elevated shots. You need epic sweeping motions, large reveals and advanced sequences to transition scenes or develop emotion. Our team goes beyond just being drone operators and pilots, to professional cinematographers, who know how create amazing drone shots that help sell your product, service or property with a distinct, immersive perspective.

Our drone video services provide businesses, events and real estate agents with a bird’s eye view of a location’s features that cannot be appreciated from the ground.


Our team goes beyond just operators and pilots. We are professional cinematographers, who understand how to sell your product or service with a distinct, immersive and unique perspective. Whatever the nature of your business or special event, aerial videography can capture moments in a way that will leave an unforgettable impression.

Our certified and insured pilots are able to track and film subjects 12 feet away and are able to fly in any conditions, under any circumstances, producing smooth footage that you will love.

  • TV Commercials
  • Sports Events & Water Sports
  • Concerts & Outdoor Events
  • News & Media Services


SA Studios NYC, provides industrial drone services for all kinds of industries. Everything from site and utility inspections to mapping services. In contrast to traditional manned aircraft, our drone services are cheaper and provide better data in a shorter amount of time.

We offer enterprise drone aerial mapping services that capture high-resolution three dimensional terrain measurements with precision and accuracy. Ready to add value to the agriculture, utilities, construction, and energy industries.

SA Studios NYC is a Part 107 compliant enterprise drone service provider, fully insured for the provision of nationwide aerial and topographic mapping services using unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Learn more about our Commercial and Industrial drone services here.

Our Customers

  • Construction (excavation and cut/fill, roadway, civil engineers, scouting/development, etc.)
  • Farmers and Ranchers (wildlife management, cattle management, vegetation analysis, etc.)
  • Utilities (right of way, etc.)
  • Energy (right of way, as-built, site planning, etc.)
  • Erosion Control (vegetation analysis, encroachment analysis, etc.)

Let us help you stand out from your competitors by using SA Studios NYC, drone photography and videography services. If you want to capture amazing images, reach out to our team and lets get started. We are FAA approved and have our own UAS Pilots to deliver premium high quality photography and videography.

Part 107 Compliant and Always Up-To-Date on the Latest FAA Regulations

SA Studios NYC is a commercial level UAS operator, authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States. Through the provision of nation-wide rapid response mapping and 3D modeling solutions for businesses in the agricultural, insurance, and energy sectors. Utilize our drone services for easy-to-use data solutions in the hands of expert operators for quick and deliberate decision-making.


We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. For more information about any of our services, please give us a call or use our contact form to get the conversation started.